Risk Factors Colorectal Cancer: Be Aware!

Risk Factors Colorectal Cancer: Be Aware!

Colon cancer

Colorectal cancer is one of the most diagnosed form of cancer today. Screening for the disease is very easy and can save your life. It is preventable if caught in the early stage, and treatment is done. According to research, while the disease amounts for 12 percent of all cancer deaths, it can be treated and should not take a person’s life.

There is a five-year survival rate for colorectal cancer of 90 percent, when it is caught before spreading out of the colon. Knowing risk factors colorectal cancer, can help you to seek help early before it’s too late.

Risk factors colorectal cancer you need to be aware of:

What put you at risk of getting colorectal cancer can be a malignancy or growth in the large intestine or the rectum. Your chances increase with your age. According to research, 95 percent of new cases are people older than 50. It is also on the rise with people under 5o as well. Early screening can detect colon polyps (clumps of cells that form on the lining of the organ) which can be removed before they turn into cancer.


Obesity is one of the risk factors associated with colorectal cancer but there are many other factors as well. These are, Genetic factors, environmental factors, physical inactivity, smoking, eating habits, diets high in animal fat, red meat or processed meat can increase your risk. People with Type 2 diabetes or obese, have a higher risk of the disease. Alcohol consumption is also linked to colorectal cancer and should be limited to no more than one drink per day for women, and no more than two per day for men.

Early detection

You can prevent colorectal cancer by getting early screening to detect polyps in your colon, that will progress to cancer. The most common type of screening is a simple fecal test which can be done at home. You can get a kit from your doctor, or one can be sent to you directly from a screening program. All you have to do is follow the directions and mail everything to the medical lab. Here they will do a test for blood in the sample that you cannot see with the naked eye. If the test is positive, it could be cancer or other conditions, like hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease or ulcers. You will be given more test before a diagnosis is made.

It is recommended that people age 50-74 get a stool test every two years. After 75 any new growths are less likely to have enough time to develop into something that could affect your quality of life. If you are healthy after 75, you should talk to your doctor to find out if you should continue with screening test.

When should you get tested

If any of the following symptoms last for more than two weeks, it is very important that you see your doctor about getting tested. These are, blood in stool or rectal bleeding, changes in your bowel habits, your stool is narrower than is typical for you, unusual weakness or fatigue, weight loss for no apparent reason, sensation that your bowel is not emptying completely after a bowel movement, bloating, gas, vomiting, and diarrhea or constipation.

Ignoring testing once you notice these symptoms, can put your life and health in danger. If you are experiencing symptoms, see your doctor without delay. The likelihood of surviving colorectal cancer increases when it’s treated in the early stages. Even if you’ve had it before, there are steps that you can take to prevent the risk of recurrence. People with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis should see their doctor to determine their screening requirements.


The most effective way to lower your risk factors colorectal cancer is to remain vigilant. Make lifestyle changes to live healthier and try to maintain a healthy weight. the Nationan Cancer Institute recommends colonoscopy screenings for all adults starting at age 50, with follow-ups every ten years, or more often if the risk for cancer is higher. If you experience any of the symptoms, see and talk to your doctor as early as possible before it’s too late. Your life could depend on it.


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