Online Dating Tips For Men:Can This Help You?

Online Dating Tips For Men:Can This Help You?

Here’s an interesting fact for you, ninety percent of men give up within the first five months of trying online dating because they are not seeing results. This is staggering and demonstrates that something isn’t working with the online dating tips. This is why this online dating tips for men article has been written.

The tips below will help you attract beautiful women online in no time at all. Let’s get started, you can put these into practice straight away.

Your profile

Create an outstanding profile. Some men think they can scrape together a profile in a matter of minutes and be able to attract every single woman out there. This just isn’t going to happen. In order to be successful at online dating, you need to have a profile that not only stands out and separates you from the rest of the thousands of men online, but it needs to spark some kind of attraction as well. Being simple and boring and doing what seems logical will get you the same kind of results as all the other men that are thinking the exact same way, not much. So, take these online dating tips for men seriously. If you want her to respond to your message and think positively after reading your profile, you can’t be weak, meek, a wuss, or seeking approval. You need to be bold and edgy, and even a little cocky and arrogant. Appearing to be full of yourself (although you might disagree), will always be better than appearing like you lack self-confidence.

Date Online to Date Offline

Shock, I know! Unfortunately, this is a true fact because most men who think they are doing well online never make the transition to offline dating. This is crazy and goes against the entire purpose of dating online if you ask me.

The issue with the typical advice you get for online dating focuses on “how to get somebody to reply to email”, “How to get her asking you question” etc. This focus is on gimmicks. Sure, this can work for a couple of minutes but before long she will catch on and you will have blown your chance.

A woman would more than likely flake on you if you did ask her out for a date after using these gimmicks. A much better approach to using gimmicks would be to simply get to know her online. You can then easily transition this into meeting up with her in person.

Choosing your photos

It doesn’t matter what dating site you are on, choosing your strongest photos is very essential. In order to get her attention, your photos need to stand out. In fact, they are the most important element of your dating profile. If your photos suck, you just miss your chances of scoring a date with the beautiful woman you would like to meet.

Your photos should show how you look, send the right message, and should be consistent with your profile text. Online dating photos require good preparation so that you look like someone she would enjoy meeting and wants to know more about. If your photo is bad and not presentable, she will only disqualify you and there go your chances of meeting her.

If your photos are good, when a woman looks at them, she’s going to imagine what it’s like to spend time with you. Give her a glimpse into your life. Show her hobbies, interesting places you travel to, and your active social lifestyle. Make sure you have a few pictures taken outside as these will get more responses. You want to send the message that you are sharp and competent, easy-going, and approachable.

Writing Messages

Your message should be interesting and short. Make a good impression with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation etc. Make it easy to respond by asking her a question.

Your first message

Create a killer first message that sparks attention and makes her feel something for you. Again, you can’t expect to put “hi” in the subject line followed with “how are you” I just saw your profile and wanted to say hi. Look at my profile, I hope you like what you see, and we’ll see what happens. This just reeks of desperate, approval seeking behavior. You’re not sparking attraction and you’re not being confident. For starters, the subject line is huge. She may receive ten, twenty, or even thirty messages per day, if you don’t say something that stands out on the subject, your message isn’t going to get read. In your actual message, you can’t say what all the other guys are saying, you have to be bold, cocky, and edgy. Even making fun of something in her profile, of course in a teasing, I’m just having fun with you type of way. This shows her you’re not afraid of her. Huge.

Timing is key

One of the best practices you can do is to schedule your emails on a weekend. Most men make the mistake of sending out emails on a weekday! This isn’t the most effective way as most women only check their emails on the weekend.

As men, you don’t take the time to consider these things. Women on the other hand absolutely love the small details. Timing is everything to a woman as it shows when you are being considerate.

Effective Email Communication

Another one of the most effective dating tips for men is email dos and don’ts. The simple rules about emails are as follows: It must be below one hundred words, write her another message if she doesn’t reply after the next weekend (she may have easily missed your first one). Be a high-value individual. Obviously, the tips are very self-explanatory, but, what do I mean about being of value? This simply means that you don’t want to convey desperation in the content of your email.


Once you have been talking to a woman online, it can be difficult to decide when to ask her out unless she comes out and suggests something like, “we should go out for coffee sometime” then you might be able to interpret the tone of her messages and continue to gauge her interest. When this happens, she will want to know more about you. The ideal time to ask her out on a dating site is after she has sent you two or three messages. You might seem desperate with less and might move on with more. Online dating tips for men is your guide for success in finding the right person online.


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