Is Sleep Apnea Dangerous?: What is This

Is Sleep Apnea Dangerous?: What is This

Is Sleep Apnea Dangerous

About forty-five percent of all adults snore occasionally. What causes the noise is an obstruction in the airway, usually the tongue. This happens most often when the person snoring relaxes during sleep, his tongue falls back against the back of his throat. When he breathes, the air that enters his throat causes the tongue to vibrate against the throat. Sleep apnea is very common and is life-threatening with higher risks of strokes and heart disease. This is why sleep apnea is dangerous.

It is noted that the farther back the tongue drops, the more snoring occurs. For most heavy snorers, the tongue drops too far back and gets sucked into the airway. When the throat muscles collapse around the tongue, your airway is completely blocked and you actually stop breathing 10-20 seconds or more. These can happen at regular intervals after long periods of snoring. After snoring stops and your tongue is moving out of your airway you can breathe freely again. This is called sleep apnea. You can see the answer to, “is sleep apnea dangerous” from reading what occurs and what can happen here.

According to research, about two to three thousand people die in their sleep every year because of sleep apnea. You may want to see your doctor if you are experiencing any problems during sleep and get the necessary treatment to help you to sleep better.

Is sleep apnea dangerous

Sleep apnea was first regarded as a condition that was pretty normal. People once thought that having difficulty when it comes to breathing when a person is sleeping was nothing to be alarmed about. At the same time, people once thought that snoring during sleep was actually a sign that the person snoring was sleeping soundly and was actually sleeping comfortably. However, what is wrong with this picture is that snoring is not a sign of comfort at all. In fact, snoring points to the fact that there is discomfort in the part of the person who is snoring.

When a person snores, it only means that the air passage is obstructed or blocked in some way. This means that the air is having difficulty to pass in and out, and getting through the passages is becoming more and more uncomfortable when it comes to his or her breathing.

Sleep apnea is a condition wherein a person is having difficulty breathing. There are three types of sleep apnea. The first being the Central Sleep Apnea. In this condition, it is the brain that is having difficulty sending the signals to the rest of the body that it has to breathe. It may also occur or happen that the signal fails to be sent in the first place. The second type is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. In this condition, the signals have been sent, however, it is the muscle in the air passages that fails to do its job. The third type is the Mixed Sleep Apnea where these two conditions are combined.

These are some symptoms of sleep apnea

Most often, people with sleep apnea spend many of their days half-awake due to the lack of a good night’s sleep. These symptoms can include, disturbed sleep, high blood pressure excessive sleepiness during the day, heart attack, depression, stroke, congestive heart failure, and overweight.

If you feel tired after a good night’s sleep or have episodes of interrupted breathing, ask your doctor to assess you for sleep apnea. Your condition can be treated through lifestyle changes or with the use of a mouth appliance or machine to help you breathe and sleep better through the night.

Listed below are some common dangers of sleep apnea

These are constant feelings of fatigue as the body has not fully rested. Feeling of agitation and mood swings. This is a result of not having enough rest. Unable to concentrate and fully focus on what you are doing. Feeling sleepy during the day. This is a major concern especially if your profession involves activities that need a high level of alertness, like working in a construction site or even driving, etc. Beware, this is one cause that may be a danger to you and others.

Increase the risk of heart problems. Depending on the “intensity” of sleep apnea that you are having, appropriate treatment can be taken to help you with it.

What can treat your sleep apnea

What treatment is used depends on the person who wants to stop snoring, and how dangerous the snoring is. For a simple snoring problem, your doctor will first recommend simple noninvasive solutions like making changes in your lifestyle. If these don’t work, you can decide on a device that will be suitable for your condition.

Three simple ways to stop snoring

Is Sleep Apnea DangerousAvoid tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and antihistamines before bedtime. These can cause the muscles in your throat to become too relaxed. Lose weight. Added bulkiness in the throat can contribute to blocked airways, causing snoring. Stop drinking alcohol at least three hours before bedtime. Alcohol is a depressant that can relax your throat muscles.

Using a breathing machine for sleep apnea is a non-invasive way to rest easy for those who have regular nightly struggles to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The CPAP machine requires proper adjustment to achieve maximum benefits and minimum side effects. It is the most common treatment for sleep apnea.


What makes sleep apnea dangerous is not only due to the fact that there is discomfort, but also the factor of restlessness and exhaustion. People are unable to perform their daily duties properly because they have not rested properly and got enough sleep during the night. There is also the possibility of sleeping in the middle of work, which is one of the many causes of road accidents. Aside from these possibilities, health conditions are also in danger. There is also the possibility of high blood pressure, lung problems as well as becoming more prone to heart attacks and death. It is very important to get early help and treatment by your doctor if your sleep problems continue and interfere with your health and lifestyle.


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