How to Heal Chapped Lips:Do you have this Problem?

How to Heal Chapped Lips:Do you have this Problem?

It always feels like a constant battle to keep your dry lips soft and smooth. Soft, supple lips always give a great feeling and a beautiful look. Yet, you cannot avoid dry lips all the time. They can become sore and painful. Even simple talking may hurt like hell. You might be wondering, what causes dry lips? The answer is, practically anything. Starting from the harsh weather environments to licking your lips, particularly anything that strips the skin of moisture can be considered as a risk factor. The good part is, it’s never hard to find a suitable lip treatment. Here are a few secrets for dealing with your dry lips and help you smile again as much as you like to. How to heal chapped lips, will do just that for you.

If your lips are lacking that vibrant color you would like to have, try eating more green vegetables. They are rich in zinc, essential fatty acids, and riboflavin, everything your lips need to retain moisture and stay healthy all the time. The skin on your lips is among the most sensitive areas on your body and the most exposed to the environment. Your lips do not have the same oil glands as regular skin and are constantly exposed to environmental factors, like lip licking, cosmetics, and cold weather. All of these can dry out the skin barrier, leading to irritation of your lips.

Chapped lips are tight and uncomfortable. There are many reasons for chapped lips, but you can use lifestyle habits that will keep them soft and hydrated even when the weather is not so great. As the weather gets colder and dryer, the skin on the lips tend to dry out faster than most of the skin. This can make the lips look cracked and dry which can make it very uncomfortable, but the weather is not always the cause of your dry lips. Your lips can also become inflamed from irritation from using a product or an allergy called (contact cheilitis). These allergic reactions are usually due to pigments in lipsticks, fragrances, and flavoring agents in foods.

According to reports, irritation could also be from your everyday skin care products as they are designed to exfoliate your skin. When people use acne products, they often get some on their lips which can make them cracked and dry. How to remedy this? You can apply white petrolatum or balm to your lips before applying products with salicylic acid. This act as a protective barrier on your lips to avoid the irritation they can cause.

Causes of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are the situation when the skin suffers over-drying. The reasons can be low humidity, sun exposure, cold air, and strong wind etc. Prevention is the key. It’s always best for protecting your lips from damages rather than trying to heal it after getting damaged. Use lip balms which contain natural emollients or wax as well as use sunscreen when going outdoors! Keep lip balm nearby for touch-ups. Drink plenty of water so that your body, especially your skin and lips stay hydrated.

How to Heal Chapped (Dry) Lips

Our lips don’t have natural oil glands. Moreover, they are almost always exposed to the environment. That’s why without proper care, you will end up paying the price. So what are the tricks for keeping them safe? Let’s find out!

Protect your lips: Before going out in hot and cold weather, wear sunscreen, included lubricating lip balm. Don’t forget to reapply the balm or cream while outdoors, especially after eating etc. Wash your lips with a cleanser that contains moisturizer to soften the skin.

Exfoliate: Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips for removing the chapped skin. Use a soft toothbrush or a wet washcloth and rub your lips gently. You can also prepare your own lip scrub by mixing basic kitchen ingredients like water, salt, sugar, and honey.

Wear lip balm: Apply a lip balm for an instant emollient layer on your lips. Try to avoid lip balms that contain skin irritants like camphor, citrus, methanol or peppermint as they will aggravate and irritate your lips more. Moisturizing lip balms are also quite powerful for locking moisture and protection from drying out.  Hydration from the inside is more necessary. Drinking enough water will help hydrate your skin faster and will give you a much more plump and smoother look. It’s our natural instinct to lick our lips for adding some extra moisture but in reality, it is drying the skin even more. Our saliva contains acids that break down food and irritates our lips. Continuous licking of your lips will also remove any natural and artificial emollients you have on them.

Hydration from the inside is very necessary. Drink enough water. This will hydrate your skin and give a and much smoother look. It’s our natural instinct to lick our lips for adding some extra moisture, but in reality, it is drying the skin even more. Our saliva contains acids that will break down foods and irritates our lips. Continuous licking will also remove any natural and artificial emollients you have on your lips. Breathe using your nose as breathing with your mouth can steal the moisture much faster from your lips.

Apply your dry lips treatment at night: Your dry lips need moisture to return to its original state. There are many solutions available on the market, for example, lip balms from top brands. Apply the moisturizer on your lips overnight and enjoy the healthy, soft and nourished lips the next morning!

Try these natural remedies for chapped lips

Treating your dry lips is nothing hard to do. Only a few common ingredients are necessary for preparing your home solution. For a quick, natural fix lets try any of these natural and simple dry lips remedies.

Coconut oil: Just spread pure coconut oil on your lips for instant moisturizing. Coconut oil is a powerful ingredient for boosting the overall of your skin, especially the skin of your lips. The oil contains fatty acids that make it easier for the skin to absorb. Coconut oil also contains vitamin E that works efficiently to prevent the production of free radicals.

Aloe Vera: The gell of a fresh Aloe Vera leaf can soothe sore or tender lips (has a bitter taste). Aloe Vera is also a useful and natural anti-inflammatory that can relieve the stinging sensations of your dry skin.

Rose water and honey: Mix a little amount of honey and rose water together, then apply this mixture to your lips for about 15 minutes to prevent your lips from cracking.

 Still having problems?

If your chapped lips are severe and not responding to any home treatment, see your doctor urgently. Rarely, persistent chapped lips are an indication of other underlying conditions. You may have a type of yeast infection because of the saliva that pools while you are asleep and your mouth is open. Either way, with proper treatment, you’ll have soft lips in no time.


Your lips are always a focal point on your face. Smooth, healthy lips can get you a more vibrant and attractive look. People will notice your bright smile and be more receptive when you are talking to them. Chapped dry lips are a very common problem as lips don’t have oil glands.

Fortunately, healing chapped lips don’t take too much effort. Just follow the tips on how to heal chapped lips and smile! Don’t let chapped lips get you down, Take action today. Please share or leave a comment.









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