Healthy Eating Habits for Weight Gain

Healthy Eating Habits for Weight Gain

Healthy Eating Habits for Weight GainHave you been asking yourself the question like “why” can’t I gain weight! Well, you’re not alone. I have asked myself that question dozens and dozens of times. There are thousands of people out there who are asking the same question. Perhaps it is because you may have a very fast metabolism or it could be that you don’t have the appetite for food and eat only a small amount instead. Most skinny people are like that. Take it from someone who knows. Another factor could be that your weight gaining routine is incorrectly executed.

Gaining weight is something that involves a difficult and tiring process and sometimes it can be frustrating and very exhausting. Take it from me as I should know. Some may think that it’s a lot easier to lose weight than gaining weight but I say a big NO to that. It is equally as tough. Hopefully, these weight gain tips will help you to achieve your goals.

Just a reminder, one of the best weight gain tips to remember is to do everything in sizes around BIG! That means, to get big, you need to eat big and lift big. Keep on saying this repeatedly in your head until you are able to internalize it. Many of us think that weightlifting is the big thing towards gaining weight. Well, no doubt it is because weightlifting plays a significant part. However, in gaining weight, you need to look beyond the act of weightlifting. You should also know that your diet is as significant when it comes to weight gain as well as discipline and determination.

Follow these healthy eating habits for weight gain. 

You have to count the number of calories you consume on a normal daily basis. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to alter or change your usual eating habits. Just eat as you would and take note of the number of calories you have consumed. This is something of importance to try to be as accurate as you can. Then, of course, you also have to count your scales or in other words, weigh yourself. See the changes and you’ll be inspired regardless of how little you’ve changed. It entails success. That is why.

Be cautious about your meal diet.

Eating is the most significant thing you’ll need when you want to gain weight. This means that you will need to be eating more caloric food than you’ll burn. However, it doesn’t exactly mean that it is all right to eat everything within your reach. You need to be cautious about what you eat. You will have to include foods that will help you gain body mass and not unhealthy fats in your weight gaining diet menu. 6 meals per day is a good start. Besides breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you also have three other meals that should be taken throughout the day. Set your clock to remind yourself that you will be eating at least every 3 hours. Diet is a cardinal rule in weight gain and that is, when you eat big, you get big. Quite simple? you bet!

Foods like steak, chicken, vegetables, fruits, and milk or dairy products like cheese and assorted types of nuts are the kind of foods to healthily feast on. Yummy! Make it a point to eat 4 to 6 pieces of fresh fruits per day and at least 4 glasses of milk, including at night before bed. Make sure the milk you drink has low fat. Low-fat milk is a good source of calcium and a cheaper source of protein. On the other hand, simple snacks like a glass of milk, apples, and peanuts may also work wonders for you.

Say No To Bad Fats.

Yes, I know you want to gain weight but, you don’t want to be gaining weight when you know that it is all just fat. Try to cut out the bad fats like chips and candies. No more hello’s to your favorite Mac Donald and stays away from anything that is fried. Instead start on high protein and foods that are low in fats, like tuna fish, chicken breast, lean meats, turkey, fruits and vegetables. These are really good and clean kind of foods you should eat. Try it and see what change will take place in your body.

Drink a lot.

Sorry, but I mean water only. Drink around 6 to 8 glasses of water a day or even more if you can. That’s a lot of water, but believe it or not, water is what you’ll need in gaining weight. Dehydration is not good because it can lead to various health problems, and promote less stamina and endurance for you to function to reach your goal.

Following these healthy eating habits for weight gain, will assist in moving you forward and closer to your weight gain journey. Give it a start today and don’t give up. You will succeed.



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