Hay Fever Allergy Symptoms:What Can You Do

Hay Fever Allergy Symptoms:What Can You Do

Hay fever is characterized by sneezing, itching and watery eyes, runny nose, and a burning sensation of the palate and throat. Hay fever can lower the body’s resistance to disease. It can cause inflammation of the ears, sinuses, and throat. Some people develop asthma from having hay fever as well.
People with hay fever are usually sensitive to pollen. Other common causes of hay fever are grasses, trees which bloom in the spring, different weeds which cause problems in summer months, and early fall. Hay fever may also be caused by dust, dust mites, molds, and animal dander which are little particles of skin and hair.

Hay fever allergy symptoms

These include the itchy and runny nose, itchy watery eyes, itchy ears and throat and sneezing. When you have an allergic reaction, your immune system is reacting to allergens such as pollen and dust. Reducing the number of allergens you breathe will help you to manage your symptoms. There are many kinds of medications you can take to help reduce your discomfort. If you have a fever or a bad headache with your hay fever symptoms, you will have to seek medical help from your doctor for further assessment and treatment.

Nasal congestion can sometimes cause infection in your sinuses (sinusitis) and ears, which may require antibiotics. Your nasal discharge should be clear. If it is green or yellow, this could be a sign of bacterial infection, and you may need to have more treatment for your condition.

For fast relief

If you want fast relief, you can take an Antihistamine that you can get without a prescription. They are very effective to relieve allergy symptoms but there are side effects such as drowsiness and dry mouth. There are non sedating antihistamines such as Claritin, Allegra, cetirizine, and azelastine (Astelin Nasal Spray) These are very effective, long-lasting and have fewer side effects.

 How to use your medications

While the usual treatment for hay fever is to stay inside and take antihistamines, there are people with an allergy who would prefer to spend the spring outside instead of inside. If you are having problems with your allergies at night, your doctor may tell you to take one antihistamine to help you sleep. Sometimes this does not work well for everyone, because drowsiness may continue into the next day and if you have to work, you will be too drowsy and want to sleep.

Using decongestant is another effective way to help with hay fever. Start using the spray a week or two before a rise in pollen counts. Although decongestant will not control your allergies, they will help to make it much easier for you to breathe. Don’t use decongestant sprays for more than three days, because you can get relief for a few days, but they can cause your congestion to get worse. Read and follow instructions before using.

Help prevent attacks of hay fever

The best way to prevent allergies is to avoid things that you are allergic to and reduce your exposure to the allergens. Use avoidance and precaution to manage your allergy. Stay indoors when you know that your hay fever symptoms will attack you, especially in the morning between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. and after sunset when pollen counts are highest. Close your windows and use the air conditioner as it will trap pollen before it can get inside. Use the clothes dryer to dry clothes instead of hanging them outside. If you have to drive, keep your windows close. Shower and shampoo frequently to wash pollen from your body and hair. Avoid walks in weedy or damp areas, and keep your home as free of allergens as possible. See an allergy specialist to find out the allergy that is affecting you.

Know what works best for you

Many allergy sufferers use an antihistamine to help with their allergies. You may have to try different ones to find out the one which works best for you. What works well for others may not work well for you. Some antihistamines have side effects such as drowsiness and blurred vision. Sometimes it will take a longer time for it to take effect. Experts have found that the longer you take a specific antihistamine, the less it will make you drowsy. Don’t drive or do dangerous work when you are drowsy. Antihistamines should be taken before symptoms develop.

What is inhalant allergies

This is caused by small particles that you inhale which can create many problems in the summer when the time is hot. Many people with inhalant allergies are allergic to ragweed, ryegrass, house dust, oak, Bermuda grass, alternaria (a mold), cats and dogs.

How to treat hay fever.

Allergies are not life-threatening but they can make you feel very uncomfortable. The best way to treat hay fever is to minimize exposure to the allergens. There are many prescription and nonprescription medications to treat hay fever. If your symptoms cannot be managed with oral medications, your doctor may order allergy shots, if you are unable to avoid the allergens that are affecting you. According to research, shots work by putting a small amount of what you are allergic to into your bloodstream and gradually increasing it to reach its desired effect. There may be side effects such as rashes, itching, and swelling. Speak to your doctor if your symptoms are not controlled by the medications you are taking. He may recommend you to an Allergist who can tell you what you are allergic to, and will prescribe medications to help you with your attacks.


According to research, hay fever can be managed by decreasing exposure to allergens and treat it with medications. If you are affected, the best thing you can do is to avoid the things you are allergic to and take precautions to alleviate the problem. Use hay fever allergy symptoms to help you, and get medical help if the antihistamine is not working for you to function with your everyday activities in life.


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