Habits that are making you look older:How to improve Them?

Habits that are making you look older:How to improve Them?

There is no one who can escape time. No one can ever stay at the same age. You’ll get older and your body will age. Yet, there are many people out there who are in their sixties but are still maintaining the gorgeous look of their forties. Again, some look like fifty despite they’re in their thirties. So, what’s going on?

A very few individuals hit the jackpot of genetic advantage for staying younger even at an older age. However, lifestyle choices and daily habits are one of the most important factors in the process of aging. Here are some of the harmful habits you should be avoiding right now if you wish for a bright, wrinkle-free look into your life’s later chapters. These tips are effective for slowing down the aging effect.

Sunscreen skipping: If your skin is regularly exposed to UV, it can cause free radicals to damage elastin, collagen and your skin cells. Sure, it’s a bit annoying to apply your sunscreen every single time you are going outside. Sun damage does not only lead to cancer but also causes wrinkles, sun spots, and even premature aging of the skin. So, don’t forget to put your sunscreen on. The UV rays from the sun can destroy your youthful and radiant skin. If you have a hard time remembering to put on your sunscreen, you can use a daily moisturizer with added SPF for protection.

Sleep deprivation: Sleep is a very essential part of our body. Proper sleep is necessary for maintaining that young look for a longer time. Even if you are not feeling tired, you should get sleep on a regular basis. Studies suggest that poor sleep and not enough of it can essentially accelerate the signs of aging like the decrease in skin elasticity, fine lines etc. The skin of tired people doesn’t tend to recover well from environmental toxins and sun exposures so set a routine for bedtime, and stick to it.

Harboring anger and grudges: Anger, grudge-holding, and stress etc. does not only wreak havoc on your insides but also leads to premature aging. Attitude plays a very important role in your overall health. Such an attitude can turn you extremely rigid that can literally stiffen the body. A rigid person, without being able to relax, cannot heal properly. The body is very efficient in healing itself. However, it must relax for this to be done. Holding onto anger is actually associated with heart disease while depression is linked to cellular aging. It’s very difficult to avoid stress altogether but there are a number of positive ways to lessen stress significantly, for example, exercising, meditation, yoga, and regular social engagement.

Smoking: Smoking is a notorious cause for accelerating the aging process. The chemicals present in the smokes starve the skin of oxygen and other toxic ingredients contribute to premature aging. For example, smokers develop sagging eyelids, sagging chin, bags under the eyes, and deep wrinkles around the mouth faster. Photos of identical twins with one smoking are enough evidence to convince the most skeptical smokers out there.

You wear too much makeup: Wearing makeup is a very common exercise among nearly everyone around the world. Our skin loses oil and moisture with age. Caking on the foundation with powder seems to help cover those unwanted spots and discoloration. However, in the end, those accelerate wrinkles and uneven skin textures. If you use makeup a lot, change your habit. Keep your makeup light, especially if your skin is on the dry side. If possible, no foundation at all is way better. Don’t use too much foundation and/or too dry, or the wrong shade.

You have tech neck: When you look down at your smartphone, it causes an awful shape of your body. If you remain in that position for hours every single day, it can lead to unnecessary sagging and wrinkles of the neck. So, if you are not able to cut down on your screen time, at least adjust your device position to a higher level.

You drink too much alcohol: Dehydration is one of the most impacting factors for premature aging. Considering alcohol takes away moisture from the skin, it’s a sure boost for the faster aging of your skin. Booze also tends to contribute to inflammation, puffiness, and redness. If you are addicted to drinking, try to lower your consumption of alcohol to once or twice a week. Try to stick with those liquors that the body processes more efficiently.

Neglecting a healthy diet: Dieting is helpful for dropping your extra weight. However, improper dieting can lead to wrinkled skin. There are a number of available healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, Brazil nuts etc.) that are vital for keeping yourself in a healthy state including your skin.

Wear a hat and sunglasses: It does not matter how long you are staying in the sun, wearing a hat and sunglasses is paramount for keeping your skin youthful. Those will not only protect your skin from harmful UV rays and sunburns but also fight against, unnecessary squinting that leads to deep creases around the eyes. Get yourself a broad-brimmed hat and a pair of colorful sunglasses that you will love to wear anytime you are going outside.

Getting too much screen time: You may be concerned about UV exposure from sunlight but there are also other equivalents UV sources that are around you. For example, all the digital devices with a colorful, bright monitor emit another type of light, the HEV (high-energy visible). HEV is, in many cases, purported by beauty experts as the equivalent of UV light. Of course, those smart gadgets monitors emit UV. If you are staring at screens all day long, it’s high time to invest in a new primer that would filter the UV and HEV light.

Not staying active: Working out is an important part of staying healthy, However, working out keeps your muscles and skin taut. That is, exercise is proven to keep the skin healthier for a longer period by supplying better blood flow to the outer layers, boosting oxygen levels and sweeping away harmful waste products. Another important reason for renewing your gym membership.

You are ignoring Moisturizer: Moisture is an important factor in keeping your skin in good condition, especially for skins that are dry or extremely oily. If your skin is not moisturized regularly, you are speeding up the aging of your skin. Drink enough water and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

Drink enough water: Your body is full of water (about 60%). There’s no better thirst quencher. Water has zero calories, fills you up, and keeps your metabolism running more smoothly. This, in turn, helps the skin to function properly. The recommended amount, (8 glasses daily). This will flush all the toxins out of your body while keeping everything in shape, including your precious skin.


There is no fountain of youth and the rate of aging varies from person to person. However, by cutting down the aforementioned bad habits, you can stay youthful longer. With these tips in effect, your skin will keep fresh, glowing and beautiful, no matter how old you are!  Cheers!

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