Can You Boost Your Immune System:Learn How

Can You Boost Your Immune System:Learn How

Can You Boost Your Immune SystemYour immune system defends your body against threats from inside and outside. Some threats include pollen, toxins, and your own cells that have become abnormal such as cancer. The purpose of your immune system is to keep infections such as bacteria, virus, and fungi out of the body. Although this system works hard to protect your body from infections, sometimes it fails and you can get sick. It is very important to boost your immune system by living a healthy lifestyle.

As a person grows older, the immune system tends to lose some of its effectiveness, making older people more susceptible to infections that younger persons are usually able to resist. It is also believed that immune deficiency may account for the increased rate of cancers and some arthritic diseases in older adults.

How Can you boost your immune system

Our bodies are constantly bombarded with bacteria, viruses, and other organisms trying to invade the body. The immune system is the one defense we have to protect us against this invasion. Without strong immunity, microbes would multiply in large numbers.

Choose a healthy lifestyle and follow guidelines to keep your immune system strong. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Don’t smoke. Exercise regularly. Maintain a healthy weight. Get enough sleep (between 7-8 hours). If you drink, do so in moderation. Wash your hands and keep up with vaccinations.

Ways to build your immune system

The most powerful protection that you can give your immune system is to eat a well-balanced diet containing a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and seafood. These foods are high in nutrients that will help to keep your immune system healthy.

Having a low level of a nutrient may cause the immune system to pay a price. It is no secret that we eat to stay alive. As children, we are told that food provides energy, exercise keeps you in shape, and herbs are only for those who “believe.” But there’s more to it than that. These are the “tools” that can help boost your immune system.

Eating a healthy diet

Food provides far more than energy. The nutrients in food are building blocks. These building blocks are used on a daily basis to make new cells including your white blood cells, also known as your immune cells. When you hear the old saying to “eat a balanced diet,” this is why. In fact, this balanced diet should be explained further to include getting plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. And just so you know, organic produce has been shown to have up to 40% more nutrients. Eating plenty of healthy foods such as fruits and veggies will give you the building blocks your body will use to boost your immune system.

Just as healthy food gives you the building blocks necessary to boost your immune system, junk food will rob your body of these nutrients leaving less than what you need to stay healthy. It takes a lot of “energy” to break down junk food. These types of foods are not easily digested and many contain chemicals that the body doesn’t recognize which may be stored as toxins. (It may be in minute amounts, but on a daily basis they add up!) So limit the “fun foods.”

Many of us have a difficult time eating our share of veggies and fruits, so freshly made fruit and veggie juice may be more convenient. In fact, you can drink the nutrients of 10 carrots and assimilate all of their nutrients, but it is nearly impossible to eat, digest, and assimilate the same amount. This is helpful for people on the run or who like the extra nutrition.

Strengthen your body

Exercise has been known to strengthen the body and stimulate the immune system. It gets the blood flowing and helps your lymphatic system move. This will ensure that your body carries out waste while at the same time transports necessary nutrients to where it’s needed. In addition, your breathing will deepen to more efficiently carry out metabolic waste.

What can herbs do

Herbs are being researched more today because of their known effectiveness to help your body. Echinacea has been shown to boost the immune system, garlic helps to kill bacteria and other pathogens, and a compound in goldenseal has been shown to work against infections and tumors. These are just a couple examples of how herbs work. As for side effects, there really are none. What is shown is how the body changes by speeding up metabolism. This is a side effect you would also find by changing to a healthier diet. One thing to watch out for however is your body’s reaction if you are taking medications.

Essential oils such as lavender and lemon oil, are proven to be effective by boosting the immune system and killing bacteria and pathogens. If you decide to use them, be sure to dilute them with a “carrier oil” such as olive or almond oil.

Cleansing the system can help your body to clear built-up waste and stored toxins. This would help your immune system by taking away the burden of having to battle stored toxins on a daily basis. Your immune system already has a daily bombardment of bacteria, virus, and pathogens, no matter how much you wash your hands, so help your body by eliminating excess waste.

These are just some things that you can do to help your body become stronger and boost your immune system, but remember that healthy food and herbs don’t heal your body. These are tools to make your body stronger so that it can do what it was made to do which is to keep you alive and healthy.


Following general guidelines for healthy living and good health is the best step you can take to keep your immune system strong and healthy. Follow precautions to avoid infections such as good hygiene habits and good hand washing. Talk to your doctor about your general health and your immunization status to see if your shots are up to date. Hope this article can you boost your immune system will help you with ways to improve your lifestyle.


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