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Welcome to weliveforhealth.com website where I am focused on helping adults, kids and other people on what they can do to live and maintain healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle. I know this can be a difficult task but this can be achieved with a good mindset and a desire to achieve your goal. The only person that can hold you back is yourself so start out with a goal in mind and work hard to achieve success.

I have worked in the Health Care field for many years and it was my passion to help the sick and not only those who are sick but all those who needed my help as well. My desire to help people has helped me to move forward for so many years. I felt loved and respected by everyone with whom I came across. This alone is a good feeling to me or to anyone.

Although my job was very challenging, stressful and tiresome at times, I never felt it as a burden to do my work to the best of my ability. I was encouraged by the love, support, and what I was doing to help people each day. Growing up in my teens, my mother always told me to be kind and helpful to others, especially to the elderly and those in need. From doing this deed from an early age, it became my passion to help her more in life and also to those who needed my help.

After working in the Health Care field for many years, I always wanted to know how others were using the internet to work online. I started to research different ways on how to do this and this was when I started weliveforhealth.com to help others who want to develop habits to live healthier lives.

We all make choices that affect our health in different ways. Some people eat the wrong foods or drink too much alcohol, while others may take drugs or drink and drive. A person’s attitude toward health is important since it influences the choices that person makes. A number of personal factors can influence our health such as personal lifestyle choices, stress, beliefs about health care, relationships, and a sense of control.

Stress can play a big part in a person’s unhealthy behaviors, but we all must deal with stress in our lives. It is the manner in which we deal with our stresses that may influence our health in the long term.

Some people make the wrong health choices for themselves or their family because of lack of knowledge to make the right choices. Our ultimate goal in life should be to improve our quality of life each day to be healthy and remain free from sickness and diseases, by eating the right kind of foods, exercising, quit smoking, drink in moderation, and get enough sleep, and get regular checkups from your doctor.

Delores Powell: My passion is all about Health and Wellness, success and to help others succeed as well. Believe in yourself. You will succeed. Use your passion to start a successful online business. Click here for more info.